Welcome to the new & improved Pipeline-Tools.com homepage. Please excuse some of the glitches on the page, we're still putting the finishing touches on the site and the app. 

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What Is Pipeline-Tools.com?

Pipeline-Tools.com is a mobile-friendly web app suite containing many of the most useful calculations necessary in the design and operation of natural gas facilities and pipelines. Whether you're in the field, in a meeting, or even at home (yes, unfortunately, sometimes questions come up in the middle of the night...) you'll have the tools you need available on your phone.


Small File Size
The app has been programmed to occupy as little memory as possible.
Works Offline
The app will cache all functionality for use in areas with no cell service or wifi.
Updates Automatically
Every time you access the app in an area with data service or wifi, the app updates itself automatically.

Compatible with standard mobile platforms


* App may render differently on each browsing platform. All functionality should remain unchanged.

Pipeline-Tools.com was born like many ideas...while sitting in a meeting and not having the tools available to immediately answer the questions being asked. For many engineers, there is nothing more frustrating than being asked a technical question and having to respond with, "I'll have to get back to you with an answer." The first iteration of the web app was born over a weekend in December 2011. What started as a simple personal project to solve one engineer's frustrations has grown to what you see now. We are constantly striving to be the only web app you need for natural gas facility and pipeline design.

Salt Lake City, UT
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