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The Pipeline-Tools.com app takes advantage of many features in HTML5. The app is technically a "web app", which typically requires network service for access. Thanks to HTML5 the app can be conveniently cached on your device for use any time, any where...service or no service. Once installed on your device it will act like any other app on your phone. As an added bonus, any time you access the app with network service, the app will automatically update itself to the newest version.


  • Pipe reference table by size and schedule:

    • Wall thickness

    • Bore

    • Cross-sectional area

    • Weight (lbs/ft)

  • Volumetric Flow & Pressure Drop

    • Equations:

      • AGA Fully Turbulent

      • Colebrook-White & Modified Colebrook-White (in development)

      • Fritzsche

      • Institute of Gas Technology

      • Mueller

      • Oliphant

      • Panhandle A & B

      • Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook

      • Spitzglass

      • Weymouth

  • MAOP Calculator

  • Ultrasonic Meter Sizing

    • Single meter

    • Multiple meters with header

  • Gas Loss - Small Hole

    • GPSA equation

    • Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook

In development:

  • ANSI Flange Specs
  • Standard Fitting Dimensions
  • Orifice Meter Sizing
  • Field Hydrotesting
    • Account for elevation changes
  • Line Pack & Blow Down
  • Unit Conversions
    • Cubic Feet ↔ Gallons
    • fps ↔ mph
    • MSCFD ↔ SCFH
    • Elevation ↔ Atmospheric Pressure
    • psi ↔ inches of water
    • Square Feet ↔ Acres

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